Bible College Dian Eka Sabda

In the vision which God gave to Evangelist Sebastian, the founder of Dehes Ministries Australia, there was to be a School of the Holy Spirit, where His next generation of servants would be trained and equipped to reach out to the lost for Him. And so it was in April 2012 that Dehes Ministries started work on this project. The Bible College was constructed on a 2,000 sqm piece of land adjacent to the radio broadcasting station, medical clinic and church in Tumbang Samba. The project ran for approximately two and half years and in July 2014, the facility was dedicated and consecrated to our Almighty God and Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Sekolah Tinggi Theologi Dian Eka Sabda is accredited by the Ministry of Education (Indonesia) to provide tertiary level education in Theology. The doctrine taught in this College is aligned with the beliefs of the Assemblies of God Indonesia. STT Dian Eka Sabda is a Pentecostal word of faith Bible training college. Our mission is to train and equip our students to develop a strong foundation in the Word of God, to be a doer of the Word and to be mission-oriented in winning souls for Jesus. Dian Eka Sabda is an educational and training ground, a place where real people, living real lives learn to reach a real world with the power of the Gospel and the Holy Spirit.

The facility at the Bible College comprises of lecture rooms, a library, a chapel, residential accommodations for the students, lecturers, and College principal and general amenities such as kitchen, washrooms, outdoor game court and alfresco styled dining areas. The facility was built to accommodate a maximum of 36 students at peak usage and plans are underway to build an adjacent building to accommodate additional 12-24 students and pastors who gather periodically to further their studies to obtain their degree in Theology.

For academic year 2014-2015 , we have enrolled twelve full-time students and for academic year 2015-2016, we are in the process of selecting another twelve for the next intake. Our students originate from Kalimantan and beyond i.e. some of our students have come from as far as Java, Sumatera, Nusantara NTT and Pulau Rote to study in our college. When the decision was made to establish the Bible College in such a remote location in Central Kalimantan, Dehes Ministries also made the commitment to provide quality theology education to all our students. To this end, all the lecturers who teach in Dian Eka Sabda are flown in from Jakarta, Java or any other locations in Indonesia including Australia where we can source qualified and quality servants of God who are subject matter experts in Theology studies. For the practical aspects of the course, the students are sent to the eleven churches which Dehes Ministries have planted over the past 15 years. There, the students learn hands-on the practical and daily challenges of ministry.

By the grace and mercy of God, Dehes Ministries has embarked on an exciting and new journey of training the next generation of servants of God for our Lord Jesus Christ. Please join us in our prayer that may every person who graduates from this College be anointed by God and empowered by the Holy Spirit to be His great ambassador.

Bible College Graduation